Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ladies pull on hat

You’ll need - 5mm & 6mm needles, 1 ball of Rico Galaxy

Using 5mm needles, cast on 64sts and work 10 rows in 1x1 rib.
Change to 6mm needles and work in stocking stitch for 16cm.
Decrease rows as follows -
1st row - K1, *(K2tog, K5), repeat from * to end
2nd row - purl
3rd row - K1, *(K2tog, K4), repeat from * to end
4th row - purl
5th row - K1, *(K2tog, K3), repeat from * to end
6th row - purl
7th row - K1, *(K2tog, K2), repeat from * to end
8th row - purl
9th row - K1, *(K2tog, K1), repeat from * to end
10th row - P2tog nine times
11th row - K2tog 5 times

Draw stitches up and sew seam.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Slip stitch scarf

You'll need 10mm needles and 1 ball of Rico Galaxy chunky.

Cast on 12 sts and pattern as follows -

1st row - knit
2nd row - knit
3rd row - knit each stitch wrapping yarn twice round needle
4th row - knit each stitch dropping yarn round needle from previous row

Repeat these 4 rows until ball of yarn is almost finished leaving enough yarn to cast off after a 1st row of pattern.